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The Law of Crew Physics
Pressure, it’s experienced by all. Young or Old. Whether performing a sport, a drama act, school studies or our favorite friends, Chemistry and Physics. Rather than trying to figure out pressure by the means of; volume, moles, the Universal gas number, and temperature, let’s try something new. Trust me, the results are very accurate. Pressure = No Success x Rage from Fans and Well Known Journalists x Time / Vigorness - Lack Thereof. Go put it to the test on anyone you know, but there is one man we all know that can account for this new equation, Columbus’ Head Coach, Greg Andrulis.

At some point or another, we have all heard the jingle that goes something like this, “If you don’t mind, can we still be friends? I hope that we can still be friends, I know that we will still be friends.” Well, as a devoted Columbus Crew Fan, one thing is certain; Greg Andrulis probably sings that song every day. If there is any coach in any professional soccer that has been in a hectic position for the past two months, someone please give us a shout out. Until then, the most worthy candidate is of course, Coach Andrulis. The reason why Andrulis sings that tune is because of the effort our beloved Columbus Crew has shown, or lack thereof.

One thing is certain about Andrulis, maybe he can try to get his job done under pressure from everyone; however it won’t help in the long run. I can go on bashing and ranting about what most of us believe is a horrible job on the part of Andrulis, but that’s not the point, we have all heard enough of it. The criticizing will continue, even after an affirmative victory. First, Andrulis was disparaged by a washed-up MLS player, current writer, Greg Lalas.

Not to attack Lalas, he makes valid points, but Greg, look at it this way, if you’re writing directly towards Crew fans, we don’t need a reminder to make us feel bad. According to his routine column, ‘View from the cheap seats’, Greg flat out exclaims this, “So let's just lay the cards down: The Crew are awful. That's being kind.” We know that. Tell us something we don’t know. For starters, this is one undying, and unanswered question I have; is the problem just Greg? It seems to me, it may just be the coaching staff sitting on the job, well, sitting on the job for a season and 2 months. Under normal conditions, there is a quote that can reflect on the coaching staff, “count one guy, you count them all.” Well, these aren’t normal conditions, or haven’t been, before hell turned against us last season.

Considering the abnormal conditions, John Murphy may be the only sane one on our staff. Obviously, he had no part in our horrid season last year. And, according to a press release from January, Murphy is quoted, “I came here for one reason only, and that is to help this organization win a championship, I have lived in Boston my whole life and I wouldn't have made this commitment if I didn't think we could accomplish some great things here." With all due respect to the front office, it seems to me Coach Murphy is the only one that wants to win a championship, why not give the man an opportunity, as head coach? The only way to win a title is to clean the house a bit more. No, I don’t mean make only roster changes, I mean make personnel changes.

In the past week, rumors have been flying around that Andrulis will be fired by the end of the week. Like most rumors, this “buzz” all started on the Internet. Various sites have claimed Andrulis will be fired after Saturday’s match, which resulted in a 1-0 Crew victory. General Manager, Jim Smith, what seems to be Andrulis’ only friend, besides the Hunt Family, denied these reports calling them “ridiculous.” Please, someone from the front office, tell us the truth, we all know there is another side to your opinions, forget the policies of keeping “business relationships and matters” privately; tell us what we want to know.

We’ve all heard this, and I don’t want to push a Crew fan’s opinion to the limit, but we need a change. Boyle, Charles, Gay-Lussac and Avogadro will be proud. Not only do their derived laws combine together to make the Ideal Gas Law, but it combines to define what happens when Greg Andrulis is coach. Pressure and more pressure.
May 17, 2004 Rola Aqel


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